Why the Grass is Sometimes Greener on the Other Side: Some Lawn Maintenance Tips to Try

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Have you ever compared your lawn with your neighbor’s and wondered why yours doesn’t look as good? It could be because you haven’t been treating your lawn with the same attention. In fact, If you think that taking care of your lawn is as simple as pushing your lawnmower around your yard, then the grass might not be getting the right care. Fortunately, all isn’t lost – all it takes to revitalize your lawn is proper maintenance.

From the kind of equipment you need to the way you cut your grass, proper lawn maintenance actually involves a certain amount of technical knowledge. This knowledge is what will help you prevent dead patches and dirt spots on your lawn, as well as keep your home from looking like a wild prairie.

With that said, here are some tips that may put your lawn in the running to be the next best yard in the neighborhood:

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Tip #1: Mind the Height

Besides environmental factors like extreme heat or cold, your lawn’s health also relies on how much you cut from its grass. In fact, each type of grass has a recommended height for it to stay in good condition. This is because grass, like other plants, relies on its leaves to make its food via photosynthesis, and cutting their leaves without any care can get in the way of chlorophyll production. Thus, you’ll have a dry, dead lawn.

For this reason, it’s important you find out what kind of grass you own and how high it should be allowed to grow. Once you find out, adjust your lawnmowers settings to accommodate this.

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Tip #2: Mowing is Not a Daily Task

To properly take care of your lawn, it’s essential that you mind how frequent you mow. Doing this not only prevents your lawn from drying up, it also significantly reduces the chances of grassy and broadleaf weeds germinating on your yard. Remember, a dense and healthy lawn is the best weed prevention system.

Usually, it’s recommended that mowing is done once every two weeks; however, to achieve optimal growth, it’s best to base your mowing frequency on the type of grass you own. For example, buffalo and centipede grass need to be cut every seven to 14 days; while Kentucky and St. Augustine grass need mowing every five to seven days.

These are just some of the ways you can keep your lawn healthy and your home’s façade as beautiful as ever. Don’t forget that purchasing an efficient lawnmower helps, too!

Have more tips on making sure your lawn is magazine-worthy? Feel free to share your ideas by leaving a comment or two – we’d love to hear from you!

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