Warmth in Small Spaces

When we think “minimal,” the idea that usually follows is “artificial,” mainly because of how the minimalist style strips everything down to its essentials. But minimizing clutter in the room doesn’t essentially mean stripping it of its warm aesthetic—unless you really did want to go for an ultramodern streamlined look for your space.

When furnishing and decorating a small space such as an apartment unit, there’s an emphasis on maximizing the space you’re given. When this is done wrong, though, there’s a possibility that instead of looking clever, you’ll end up having a cluttered room. To counter the possibility of creating clutter in your apartment, opt for minimal décor to create the illusion of a larger space with less visual weight.

To minimize your décor while retaining warmth, keep in mind that clean lines are always best. Introducing wooden furniture with clean, contemporary lines into your room is a good way to instantly create a sense of warmth within a space without cluttering it up.

If you need functional furniture such as sofa beds, you don’t need to worry about them breaking the sense of style in your room. Nowadays, these beds come available in a wide array of frames, so you don’t have to concern yourself with having to adjust the room’s decor according to the sofa bed you opt for. You can also mix form and function up by selecting blankets that not only are comfortable to sleep in, but also good to drape over the sofa as a decorative accent in the daytime.

When you’re dressing up your room following minimal décor, don’t be afraid to include accents such as paintings and flower vases. Just keep in mind to use them sparingly. This way, you can maintain the illusion of space within the room. In case you have a lot of things you simply can’t get rid of, plan out a way of organizing your space to keep things neat and tidy.

How do you maintain some breathing space in your home? Feel free to leave your ideas in the comments area below.

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