These Tips Will Cut Your Holiday Cleanup in Half

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Everybody loves getting together with family and friends over the holiday season to enjoy delicious food and great company, but the cleanup afterwards can be a hassle. You almost need a whole day after to recover from the exhaustive process of returning things to their pre-holiday state at home.

To get you started, here are some helpful hacks for cutting your holiday cleanup in half:


Pretty much anywhere you have people coming over during the holidays will end up a messy wreck. But if you do a deep clean before guests arrive, you can minimize the amount of cleanup you need to do afterwards. For busy areas like the kitchen, for example, make sure to empty the fridge ahead and clear out space for leftovers.

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Similar to pre-cleaning, CLAYGO or cleaning as you go ensures that you’re not starting from scratch when cleaning up after the guests are done. For example, as soon as you’re done putting food in the oven, start washing the cookware and materials you used in food prep.

Consider disposables

When the food is good, no one really notices what it’s being served on. Also, many people have a serious aversion to dish-washing. All this makes disposable serving dishes, plates, and utensils a real winner. When choosing disposable items for your holiday meals, opt for something recycled/recyclable to keep things environment-friendly.

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Triple-bag your garbage cans

Finally, this nifty hack will not only save you time, it’s also guaranteed to make cleanup less of a hassle. Holiday cooking and eating results in large amounts of trash, right? By triple-bagging your garbage cans, you can quickly take out a full bag and already have a fresh, empty one waiting and ready for the next round.

Got other ideas on how to make holiday cleanups easier? Share them with us; we’d love to hear from you!

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