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America’s Most Spirited Football Fan Photo Contest – Terms & Conditions

How to Enter: Upload your most spirited photo that shows off your favorite football team’s memorabilia. Share your photo with your family and friends, and rally up as many votes as you can. Eligibility: America’s Most Spirited Football Fan promotional giveaway is … Continue reading

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Sweeten Your Home’s Atmosphere with Picture Perfect Displays

Today marks a big milestone for us at Schewels as we celebrate our 115th year in business! All through this month, we’ll be looking back at a lot of fond memories over on our Facebook page, Twitter feed, and even … Continue reading

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Holiday How-to’s: Creating the Perfect Christmas Morning for Your Family

With so many tips on how to throw the best Christmas Eve dinner, we sometimes forget that the same amount of attention should be given to Christmas morning, too. This is even more important if you have young children in … Continue reading

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Saving the Holidays: Last-Minute Tips to Ensure Successful Yuletide Celebrations

The Christmas season can be one of the most hectic times of the year with all the planning, shopping, and decorating involved. Because of this, you may expect to have missed a couple of details, whether it’s for the food, … Continue reading

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Prepare your Dining Room in Time for Yuletide Festivities

In around two weeks, time will stop as everyone gets together to spread some cheer and enjoy each other’s company for the holidays. If you’re hosting this year’s annual celebration, then preparation is a must to make it a success. … Continue reading

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Creating a Better Living Space for You and Your Dog

If you’re a dog owner, then you are definitely no stranger to the many adventures they have on your living room furniture. Whether they’re simply marking their territory or just curious enough to start gnawing on your antique coffee table, … Continue reading

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Working with a Heavenly White Home for the Colder Months

Colors can have a great effect on our moods. Warm colors like red, yellow and orange fire up our appetites, while cooler colors like blues and greens relax our eyes and our minds. Neutral colors such as black and white … Continue reading

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How to Save an Ugly Sofa

No matter where you place it, an ugly sofa can be a real eyesore and it can bring down the mood of your entire house. If you’re dealing with an unattractive couch in your home, there are a few quick … Continue reading

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What’s The Right TV for Your Lifestyle?

It’s amazing how much technology has grown in leaps and bounds. In fact, what’s more interesting is how technology’s grown to be part of our lifestyle as well. It’s hard to imagine life now without computers, much less a smartphone … Continue reading

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DIY Projects to Add Personality to Your Home

Do-it-yourself projects are always a great way to showcase a little more personality in your home. Not to mention that they’re something you can look back on with pride. Nothing’s more impressive to guests than a gorgeous flower arrangement you’ve … Continue reading

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