Pinterest: The Best Place for Finding Interior Design Inspiration for Your Home

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Whether you’re thinking of redecorating your living room, furnishing a new room in the household, or improving the ambience in your dining room, figuring out what to do with the space can be one of the most difficult and overwhelming tasks to do. From the color scheme to the kind of furniture to choose, incorporating different styles and ideas can result in either a cohesive and attractive room or a cluttered interior designer’s nightmare.

To make sure your home doesn’t waste space, it’s important to gather inspiration to help guide your vision. Evidently, one of the best places to find these is the Internet.

However, given how vast the Internet is, it may be overwhelming to scour through thousands of images that aren’t all related to what you’re looking for – you’ll be stuck in your chair for hours! To avoid this, it’s best to find a more filtered method of searching for design concepts.
Pinterest offers a perfect example of a tool to help narrow down your search:

1. Ideas come in the first few steps.

Right after registering your account, you’ll be given a number of tick boxes to select your favorite categories. After clicking, the site generates a number of suggested users who fall under your chosen categories. By following them, you’ll instantly have a bunch of resources for design and furniture ideas – and you haven’t even started pinning yet.

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2. Boards keep ideas organized.

Unlike looking for images using search engines, entering keywords in Pinterest can lead you to boards. These function like folders in your computer, only they’re online. These ensure that you’ll only find images or pins related to the specified category or title.

For example, if you’re looking for DIY projects to do at home, boards labeled “Do-it Yourself Projects” or anything similar can certainly lead you to finding a plethora of projects to explore.

3. Repinning keeps ideas accessible.

Saw something you liked while browsing other people’s boards? Instead of saving them to your computer, why not repin them instead? This will repost whatever image you found to the board of your choice, making sure you know where to find them when you need design inspiration.

These are just some of the features Pinterest can provide those looking for a better source of interior design inspiration online. Got stories of how Pinterest inspired your newest home renovating/redecorating project? Feel free to share them – we ‘d love to hear from you!

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