Less is More: A Mini Guide to Minimalism

If you prefer your space to be serene and uncluttered but not cold and sterile, you may want to consider adopting minimalist interior design. While the theory of “less is more” doesn’t exactly equate to spending less, a minimalist home definitely reflects better design through simplicity, careful editing, and restraint spending less, a minimalist home definitely reflects better design through simplicity, careful editing, and restraint.

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There’s a real art to creating minimalist spaces that are not excessive, yet exude warmth and elegance. Here are some principles to achieving beautiful, minimalist interiors at their best:

Choose high quality pieces and materials that stand on their own. Minimalist arrangements allow the space to breathe, so if you’re lucky to have incredible wood flooring in your home, don’t feel pressured to cover it up with a rug. Go minimal by keeping your space bare. Instead of filling a room with unnecessary décor, let a beautiful built-in shelf, stone fireplace, statement wall, or wood cabinets take centerstage.

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Give things plenty of room to breathe. In minimalist spaces, neutral walls and ample space around furniture allow pieces such as a beautifully crafted table or an intricate sculpture to have some breathing room so it can be fully appreciated. For homes with glass windows that highlight incredible outdoor views, it might be best to avoid bulky furniture like couches and tables. The last thing you want is a distracting furniture arrangement. Instead, opt for individual pieces in a tailored style and neutral colors, which would not detract the eye.

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Be strict about clutter control. Minimalism is about going back to the bare essentials, and that starts with clearing out the clutter. Look for opportunities to scale down; sweep knick-knacks off tables and shelves, clean up your counters, and swap your gallery wall for a single, standout piece of art. Commit to having a place for everything and putting everything in its right place.

Got other ideas on how to transform your space into a minimalist home? Share them with us; we’d love to hear from you!

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