Ideas to Give Your Home a Total Makeover

Home makeovers can be a lot of fun. Whether you want to give your rooms a new color scheme, buy a new set of furniture, or both, you can let your creativity flow freely as you think of interior design concepts to follow and make your own.

To make it more fun and challenging, you can do away with the professionals and turn the makeover into a do-it-yourself project. Call on your family and friends to help out if you need the extra hands—you might find that a home improvement project makes a great bonding activity, too.

Here are some tips for your do-it-yourself home makeover:

New Furniture for a New You

Essentially, a makeover is defined by change; and one of the best ways to totally revamp your home’s look is to repaint, reupholster or buy new furniture. While some pieces may be worth keeping like an antique coffee table or a well-loved recliner, as much as possible, you would want to give your space a total overhaul.

So, when shopping for furniture, keep in mind the kind of image you’d like to construct with key furniture. Going modern? Then you’ll want to look for sleek lines in glass or plastic. Want a more youthful look? Mix up some traditional pieces with contemporary furnishing for an eclectic, upbeat feel.

Changing the Atmosphere with Color

Whether your old wall was white, blue or pastel pink, a fresh coat of paint can completely revitalize your space with a new mood. Painting is also an excellent do-it-yourself activity to share with family and friends. But don’t keep yourself to just brushing on a new, flat color. There is a wide variety of painting tools you can use to create exciting effects with stencils and textures. If you’re creative enough, you might even find it in you to create a mural on the walls!

Doing a home makeover may take time but the results can be absolutely fulfilling. By being hands-on with the way your home looks and feels, you can look back at your finished work and feel a great sense of satisfaction every time you walk through your home.

Have you done a do-it-yourself home makeover before? Share your thoughts with us on the Schewels blog today!

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