Home Office Essentials and the Basics of Working from Home

Working from home, whether as a freelancer, a corporate employee or a home business owner, to helps save on daily transportation costs and is also a convenient career option if you need to take care of babies or small children. However, there are some rules that you have to abide by to start off organized, avoid distractions, and make sure that you’ll stand a much better chance of staying that way.

The most important factor in creating a work-friendly environment at home is an ergonomic and efficient workspace. When you sit down at your desk and face your computer, see to it your space isn’t cluttered and that your layout allows you to:

– Keep your pelvis slightly open and angled at 100 to 110 degrees.
– Place your feet flat on the floor.
– Position your head above your hips and make sure that you’re looking straight ahead without having to strain your neck.
– Avoid carpal tunnel syndrome by keeping your wrist straight when using the keyboard and mouse.

The next factor to consider is essential office equipment and furniture. The most important and space-consuming piece of furniture in your home office will be the desk, so make sure to pick the right one. While it should not be too bulky, it should have enough working space and storage to serve your needs; so make sure to measure the space you’ve set aside in your home before you go shopping.

Your computer is another essential piece of equipment that will help you accomplish various tasks and help you stay connected with people important to your job. Some prefer the portability of the laptop, while others prefer the practical flexibility offered by desktops. Whatever your preference may be, make sure to invest in a reliable machine with basic programs that allow you to perform essential tasks smoothly such as use the Internet, compose and send e-mails, write documents, create presentations, and back up important data.

Speaking of powerful and reliable machines, we here at Schewels are proud to offer electronic products by leading computer brands like ASUS and Acer. We’ve got sleek laptop computers and desktops that are perfect for your home office, all at affordable prices.

One of our favorites is the Acer Aspire laptop, which is powered by the Windows 7 OS and features Dual Core processing, comprehensive communication capabilities and vital security solutions for professionals on the go.

Do you have your own essential tips and techniques for working in your home office? We’d love to hear your thoughts here on the Schewels blog.

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