Family Fun in the Great Indoors: Awesome Activities for the Family for a Weekend Night at Home

Has your family been spending weekend nights parked on the couch watching reruns from the DVR, or is everyone just stuck in their rooms doing their own thing? If so, it might be time to mix it up, have some fun, and spend some quality time together before work and school comes back to keep everyone busy on Monday.

Quality time is important for families as it’s the best time to catch up on how everyone is doing. Spending weekend nights together allows everyone to build deeper relationships and strengthen the family unit as a whole.

Instead of taking your kids out for dinner and a movie, why not stay at home?

Here are a couple of fun activities you can do to liven up your family weekend nights at home:

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Bring out the dice, play money, and player cards!

Playing board games is a classic family activity that knows no age. Whether you’ve got Monopoly, Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit, or Balderdash, anyone from ages five and up is guaranteed a fun time.

To spice things up for game night, play in teams. Make sure to keep each group balanced so everyone can totally enjoy the game!

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Personal pizzas, ice cream, and more.

Dinner time can be made fun and extraordinary on weekend nights with creative treats such as a personalized pizza station or a make-your-own banana split ice cream buffet. If your family is into exotic flavors, try throwing in a few surprises into the spread such as jalapeno peppers and assorted deli meats for the pizza, or unusual ice cream flavors for an extraordinary banana split.

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Making grand gestures.

When it comes to fun and simple family activities, you can also choose to play a game of charades or Guesstures. Move the living room furniture aside and make room for your family members to act out everything from movie titles to even what you had for dinner – your options for topics to act out are endless!

These are just some of the fun things you can do with your family this weekend. Got any more? If so, feel free to leave a comment – we’d love to hear about how you spend quality time with your family!

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    Really nice ideas there. Here is my Top ten family board games

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