Art Displaying Mistakes You’re Making and How to Fix Them

Art, no matter which medium you choose, is and will always be an important aspect of home decorating. What’s not important? Making the same home décor displaying mistakes. Here are some of the most common ones you can avoid:

Image by Tony Van Den Boomen

Hanging framed art too high

Most people consider a crooked picture frame a major pet peeve. But for some, having art hung too high, whether floating high above a bed or couch is a deal breaker. The good news is that this problem is one of the easiest to fix. Want a hassle-free to improve the look of your home? Walk through your home and inspect your home’s art hanging heights and see where they can be nudged down an inch or two.

Not hanging art properly

Speaking of crooked art, are you only hanging your frames with one nail which is why it’s always tilting to one side every time someone leaves or enters the room? While bolting every frame into the walls is unnecessary, you shouldn’t neglect knowing the right kind of tools and hardware your art pieces need to hang properly.

Image by amycgx

Being boring

Your home décor is the best way for you to break free from the rigid confines of color palettes, which is why you shouldn’t be stuck thinking you can only display art that complements the rest of your space. Moreover, stop sticking to the usual way of displaying art. Experiment and explore different ways to display them! Lean a couple of frames instead of hanging them; put them against the back of your couch, display them in the bathroom, beside each other, or on top of a dresser.

Image by mauxditty

Forgetting to layer

Layering doesn’t just pertain to clothing; it also applies to displaying art. Your frames don’t need to be displayed perfectly; your home isn’t an art gallery! So go ahead; place a floor lamp in front of a framed photo, or allow a few leaves of an indoor plant to sneak-in in front of a painting. Connecting your art with the rest of your surroundings not only makes your home look more homey, it also creates a more sophisticated space.

Got other ideas for displaying art in your home? Share them with us; we’d love to hear from you!

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